Sunderland dog racing

Yesterday I went to Sunderland to watch the dog racing,we went with my dad, my brother and my dad’s friend Gillian. When we got there me and my brother had a J20, a cheese and onion pasty and a warm bowl of chips with tomato ketchup on top.We went to see the dogs outside and we all put a bet on who would win sadly we did not win because 6 was very fast and very strong 1 was fast and mighty but he did not win.The next race was in 15 minutes and my dad took my pasty, so I didn’t have anything to eat for the whole 10 races.I won twice the same as my dad,Gillian and Toby won only once but that was OK because we ended up with £49 so we decided to give everyone £10 each and keep the rest for the next time we go there.

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The Great Fire of London

The Great fire of London is one of the most famous fires in the world. It started in Thomas Fariners bakery on pudding lane. A spark from the oven got caught on some wood so it got turned into fire and got bigger and bigger and BIGGER!!! Then since all the houses were so close together that it jumped over to next house and everyone got away luckily.

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I love my friends

I am happy in Orange class. I have lots of friends.

I love my teacher and TA.  They are so cool.



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My Grandads birthday

On the 12.10.16 my Grandad  turned 60 and on Friday we are going to the dogs on Saturday we are going to sunderlend lights Iam so excited and thaank you for reading my blog Isla.

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Christian Values

We have been working very hard since we started in Year 2 Orange Class. We have spent some time over the last few weeks talking about what we think are important Christian values for us to have in our class. We decided to choose Creation and Forgiveness because we think it is important to always forgive people and we also thought it was very important that God created the world and us.

We also have some new school Christian values which are Hope, Peace and Service.


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Last year we went to Edinburgh  Zoo and we saw a Panda.  Pandas are my favorite.

Pandas are vicious. Pandas like to eat Bamboo.



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Roald Dahl Day

This Tuesday is Roald Dahl Day. Dahl was one of Britain’s most well loved children’s writer. The very first Roald Dahl story I read was James and the Giant Peach and I couldn’t put it down! I thought it would be great fun to live inside an overgrown piece of fruit and travel around having epic adventures. After that, I couldn’t read Dahl’s books quick enough! I think my favourite is Matilda because the characters are funny and it has a happy ending. Why not blog and tell us all about your favourite Roald Dahl book or character.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Blog

Welcome back to another exciting year at Holy Trinity Rosehill. We will all make some wonderful memories this year and hopefully record some of them on our school blogs. Why not start the school year by blogging about what a great summer you had. Did you visit any interesting places? Did you chill out and relax? Or did you meet up with any of your friends? All of the staff can’t wait to hear your news, so what are you waiting for? Get blogging!back-to-school

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